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Dayton Pain Relief

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Pain treatment in Dayton

Dayton pain relief
Dayton pain relief

If you are looking for a top-notch chiropractic practice that offers different pain treatments, we suggest you contact us at Dayton Chiropractic Clinic. Our top-notch chiropractor, Dr. Timothy J. Henry, will meet with you and let you know which type of Dayton pain relief treatment will work best to solve your individual pain problem.

At our chiropractic office, we offer several different types of Dayton pain relief including chiropractic and massage therapy procedures and modalities. Our chiropractor and founder, Dr. Henry, has years of training in advance chiropractic techniques and is fully dedicated to the health and well-being of each of our patients. The most frequent reason patients come to see our chiropractor is for treatment of back pain. Our chiropractor will be able to assess your individual back pain and often determine the underlying cause based on the specific location of the pain. Sciatica is a set of symptoms that generally indicates a problem in which nerves are being affected and cause pain in the back to radiate down the leg. Sciatica symptoms can include numbness, pain and tingling in the lower back and buttocks, legs, or even feet. Patients also come to us for treatment of chronic headaches and migraines. These headaches are sometimes caused by spinal bones of the neck that are not providing your neck with proper support. Our chiropractor office offers: complete chiropractic care; spinal rehabilitation; orthotics; relief of back and neck pain; treatment of headache pain and migraines; pain relief from scoliosis; treatment for sports injuries; treatment for motor vehicle accident injuries; pregnancy pain; and problems related to allergies and ear infections. We offer diversified spinal and extremity adjustments; treatment of sports injuries; Cox Flexion Distraction to help relieve back pain; and lumbar traction to improve pain caused by the lumbar muscles. We also offer BioFreeze, an effective topical cream that relieves aches and pains in joints and muscles.

To be seen by our chiropractor for Dayton pain relief, simply contact our office for an appointment.

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