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Dayton Sciatica

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Dayton sciatica
Dayton sciatica

If you are suffering with sciatica pain, and are looking for Dayton pain treatment, you should visit us at our Dayton Chiropractic Clinic. Our expert and highly trained chiropractor, Timothy J. Henry, can provide you with excellent treatment for relief from Dayton sciatica pain.

One of the most common reasons patients come to see us at our chiropractic clinic is that they suffer with sciatica pain. When a patient has sciatica symptoms they generally experience pain on only one side of their back; this pain or other symptoms often radiates down to their leg. Sciatica pain is generally a sign that a nerve in the back is somehow being affected and causing pain. Sciatica refers to symptoms which can include pain and tingling in the lower back, legs, buttocks, feet, or numbness in these areas, as well. When you are experiencing sciatica pain you may also find that you have weakness in the parts of your body that are currently being affected. You may even find it difficult to move or control these specific parts of your body as well during these episodes. Dayton sciatica pain or discomfort can be mild or infrequent, or intense or often. When sciatica pain is spoken about, it is really only addressing the symptoms, and is not at all addressing the cause of the condition. Sciatica will occur when there is compression or other irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots. It can also occur if there has been compression on the right, left, or on both sciatic nerves. At our chiropractic practice we can help our patients by finding out the underlying cause of the sciatica symptoms, and then providing the patient with the treatment which will work best to relieve their specific condition.

If you would like to meet with our chiropractor to gain relief from your Dayton sciatica symptoms, and hopefully determine the cause of the sciatica pain, contact us today.

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