Dayton Sports Injury Chiropractor

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Dayton Sports Injury Chiropractor

If you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you can sustain an injury at any time. We all know that exercise is good for you, but the truth is that if you exercise on a fairly regular basis, you will most likely get hurt at some point. The way you treat your injury determines how fast you will recover and be able to return to your sport or exercise activity.

Dayton Back Pain Specialist
Dayton Back Pain Specialist

You may think that you do everything possible to avoid an injury. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you stretch, warm up, and wear protective equipment you can’t always shield yourself from having a sports injury. If you do get an injury, it is important to rest but this can take a long time. Many people choose to visit their local Dayton sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Henry, to help the injured areas start to heal again and return to normal function.

When you choose your Dayton sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Henry, at Dayton Chiropractic Clinic you will be on the path to returning your body to its normal function. Combined with rest, you will learn better strategies for exercising, stretching, and warming up. Some of the treatments available at Dayton Chiropractic Clinic include spinal and extremity adjustments. This is a hands-on treatment that helps to facilitate motion in spinal joints. Dr. Henry also treats sports injuries, such as rotator cuff injuries, shoulder, knee, and ankle sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, therapies for work-related injuries such as chronic neck or back pain are also offered.

Dr. Henry has been treating the Dayton area community with the most advanced chiropractic techniques for many years and has expertise in identifying and correcting alignment issues. If your body is out of alignment it can cause unnecessary tension on another part of your body.

If you are currently suffering a health problem or have an issue that may need chiropractic services, call your Dayton sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Henry, at Dayton Chiropractic Clinic. He will take the time to conduct an in depth history, ask questions, and perform a comprehensive exam so that you receive a customized treatment tailored to your needs. His goal is to eliminate your current symptoms and improve your overall state of health.

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