Pain Treatment in Soddy-Daisy TN

Dayton TN Pain Relief

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Pain Treatment in Dayton TN

Dayton TN Pain Relief
Dayton TN Pain Relief

If you are suffering from some type of pain that is interfering with your quality of your life, you will want to come to our Dayton Chiropractic Clinic. At our practice you will be able to get Dayton TN pain relief so that you will be able to live a pain-free and enjoyable life once again.

Our physical therapy practice was founded by Dr. Timothy J. Henry. He has had years of extensive training in advance chiropractic techniques. At our practice, we want all of our patients to enjoy the best health, vitality and well-being possible. This is why we offer Dayton TN pain relief brought on by a variety of chiropractic and massage therapies, procedures and modalities. All of the treatments that we use will help you to achieve optimal health through natural, and safe care. At our physical therapy center, we are fully dedicated to your care and comfort. Our environment is warm and welcoming, and focused on helping you to achieve a healthier and more comfortable you.

Many patients come to our clinic to relieve their back pain. In fact, this may be the most common reason patients seek out treatment from our chiropractic experts. The exact location where you are feeling pain may help to reveal the underlying cause of your back pain. If you are having problems with sciatica, you may be experiencing numbness, pain and tingling in the lower back. These sensations can even travel down to your buttocks, legs, and feet – or be present everywhere at the same time. Patients also come to see us for relief of chronic headaches and migraines. Sometimes the problem is caused by spinal bones in the back of the neck that are not properly supporting your head. At our center, we also offer diversified spinal and extremity adjustments. These are some of the most popular forms of adjustment used in chiropractic care. This technique will create motion in spinal joints to help restore proper structure and function of the spine. Extremity adjustments can also be made for the jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, finger, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Patients also come to us for treatment of sports injuries including rotator cuff injuries, meniscus injuries, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other sprains and strains. At our practice we also treat patients who suffer with back and neck pain. We may use lumbar traction, a chiropractic technique that targets the lumbar muscles to ultimately decompress the disc to reduce pain. BioFreeze is a topical cream that also relieves aches and muscle soreness and provides patients with Dayton TN pain relief for hours.

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