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Chiropractor adjustments in Evansville

Evansville chiropractor
Evansville chiropractor

With the stresses and strains of everyday life it is no wonder that many people experience pain in various parts of their body that can be traced back to their spine, nerves and muscles. Our Evansville chiropractor at the Dayton Chiropractic Clinic helps people suffering from sudden pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, numbing of the legs or fingers and many other ailments. These conditions can arise from a sudden twisting of the body, overuse of muscles, injury or accident or can be the result of degeneration or slow injury to the spine and discs, or something impacting the spinal or sciatic nerves. Chiropractors work to relieve the pressure on nerves or muscles often by putting the central part of the body back in its proper alignment.

The most common conditions that our Evansville chiropractor hears from our patients are those concerning lower back pain. In patients between the ages of 30 – 60 lower back pain is often caused by compression in the discs of the spine. Discs are the spaces between the spine’s vertebrae. In younger patients the pain is usually caused by muscle strain, while in seniors the cause is often joint degeneration of compression fractures. Pain further up the back can be caused by any number of factors including injury, muscle strain, herniated discs and arthritis among others. Another common complaint is lower back pain coupled with a tingling or numbness in the buttocks, down the legs, or in the lower back. These are symptoms of a condition that indicates the sciatic nerve is being impinged by something, either a disc or a muscle.

For lower back pains and sciatica as well as several other conditions that our Evansville chiropractor treats the most productive treatment is a chiropractic adjustment in which our doctor adjusts or realigns the spinal column or other body parts to relieve the pressure on the affected nerves or muscles. Diversified spinal and extremity adjustments are one of the most often-used chiropractic procedures. This is a hands-on technique that creates motion in the spinal joints in order to restore structure and return function to normal. Actually joint adjustments can be done to any joint in the body not just the spinal joints. Once restoration of motion has been returned to the extremity, there is often reduced pain, improved motion, relaxed muscles, reduced nerve interference and promotion of healing. Don’t let pain keep you from enjoying everyday life, when pain strikes call our office for an appointment.

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