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Neck Pain Dayton Chiropractor

Dr. Timothy Henry, Dayton TN Chiropractor specializes in sports injuries such as meniscus injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, work place related injuries, neck pain and many other chiropractic and massage therapy procedures.  For back pain, leg pain and neck pain Dayton chiropractor, Dr. Henry uses cox flexion distraction for safe and efficient pain relief.

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Cox flexion distraction is a non surgical method to help relive neck pain by correcting the alignment of the spine.  Our Dayton chiropractor will guide you through movements to expand the discs of your lower back.  This helps your nerves to function properly thus reliving your discs and reducing inflammation and allowing your neck to relax.

The key to alleviated neck pain Dayton chiropractor needs to loosen up the spaces between your discs in the thoracic section, cervical section and lumbar section.  The more space created better you neck and back will feel.  Neck pain treatment starts with relaxing the spine and, soon neck this type of pain will be gone.  When you play sports or just take a walk space and lubrication becomes an essential to vertebral health.  Most of our Dayton patients feel immediate neck, back and leg relief after cox flexion distraction.

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